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All the Darkness in the World Cannot Extinguish the Light of a Single Candle.
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Thank You
We would like to take a moment to thank all the soldiers and their families of this great country for their unselfish acts of patriotism they provide day after day. For giving us the opportunity to wake up each and every morning and be able to live our lives the way we choose, and to ensure us the freedom so many take for granted—a freedom so many other people in the world will never experience.

But most of all, to be willing to fight for and protect what they believe in: their way of Life. To all the brave men and women, never doubt our SUPPORT for you. Rest assured that

We do care about you...
We do miss you...
But most of all,
We Do Love You...
And sit anxiously awaiting your safe return home.

This candle is dedicated to you and your comrades.

Show your support with A Soldier’s Candle .

A Soldier's Candle

Keep a candle burning
for the soldier in your life!


A Soldier's Candle ~ Support Our Troops. Order Now!
A portion of our net proceeds from "A Soldier's Candle" goes directly to various military organizations that support our troops and their families.


Million Candle Challenge

"Office Party"




"Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of  Us"

Brian Piercy
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Brian Francis Piercy, 27, KIA July 19, 2010 in the Arghandab River Valley, Afghanistan

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The California Candle Company Launches “A Soldier’s Candle” Million Candle Challenge .



 Amanda Nagurney

Amand Nagurney

Amanda Nagurney,  23 year old singer and songwriter is the Official Spokesperson for The California Candle Companies “Soldiers Candle”. She has opened for many Nashville Recording Artists such as Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Travis Tritt, The Band Perry, Steel Magnolia, Jason Michael Carroll, Miranda Lambert and many more. Amanda has performed for many local Charities and Military venues including Walter Reed Army Hospital in Baltimore, MD performing for the Wounded Warriors along with the USO. Check out her new hit single “American Made” on the link below and also, become her newest “FAN” on Facebook

"American Made" by Amanda Nagurney | Amanda Nagurney "Official Website" | Like on Facebook


PLEASE JOIN AMANDA NAGURNEY AND THE CALIFORNIA CANDLE COMPANY reach their goal of 1 million candles and help our Soldiers and their families fight this disorder…
I think they have earned it….

Click to read about our Million Candle Challenge


Full View of "A Soldier's Candle" Label

A Soldier's Candle label The back of the candle has A Soldier's Prayer, written by Sharon Frye .
Also, check out the work of Lori Voskuil-Dutter

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